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        Strict Discipline for Disobedient Hair

Stiff Pure Clay can now be purchased from our new website

The formula has been modified slightly, it is now a little softer, and is off white in colour.

Stiff Pure Clay gives great beach hair or bed hair, every time, in just seconds.

Like the old Sebastian Crude Clay you can re-shape throughout the day without applying more product.

It is suitable for men and women with long or short hair.
Pure Clay creates volume, even in very thin hair, and allows precision styling with strong, long lasting hold.

Your hair will not look greasy or wet.
The final result will be a dry, matte, naturally tussled look with more volume and hold than you ever thought possible!

The perfect product for thin or flat hair - add as much height and volume as you dare!

When Sebastian discontinued what was the best product on the market, Crude Clay, I tried every other brand, trying to find something that gave the same volume, hold and dry look.

Even the Sebastian's own replacement, Craft Clay, gave poor results.
Nothing else compared... so I decided to make my own.
Having studied aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and other natural therapies, I've always had a preference for natural products, so I wanted to make a simple, unique hair clay with no synthetic chemicals.

Stiff Pure Clay is made from just 8 natural substances
After a year of experimenting with different ingredients in different proportions I had a formula that gave me similar results to Crude Clay.
For the following few months I used it on my own hair.

Friends noticed the great results, and after using it themselves, they insisted I turn it into a business venture.
In April 2012, Stiff Pure Clay was born.

Pure Clay has advantages over the original Crude Clay

  • A fresh lime scent. Crude Clay had an earthy smell that became unpleasant after being in your hair all day.

  • Less oil, so it's easier to rinse off. Crude Clay was greasier and required soap or shampoo to remove.
  • Less wax so it's  easier to spread on your hands and hair. Crude Clay became quite hard in cold weather.
  • An ingredient not found in Crude Clay, Craft Clay, or any other hair clay - vegetable gum. When I added this to the formula it increased hair volume and hold whilst retaining a dry, matte look.

  • Contains no artificial colours, fragrances or emollients. Crude Clay used artificial ingredients like propylene glycol.

If Stiff Pure Clay does not work as well as Crude Clay, and better than Craft Clay, send it back to 36 Kanimbla Rd, Nedlands, WA, Australia 6009 for a full refund.

$1 from the sale of each tin goes to help FareShare
        - a charity that collects unused food from restaurants and supermarkets that would otherwise go to waste and delivers it to the homeless.


Apply a small dollop your palms
Rub your hands together
Ruffle hands through dry hair
Tease and fine tune
Impress someone


Purified water, vegetable glycerin, natural mineral powders, macadamia wax, vegetable gum, lemon & lime oils, potassium sorbate.